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Welcome to EPCMC

EP Credit Management & Consultancy Ltd.

Eddie PaceyOur main business goal is to radically transform the perception of commercial credit management and its direct contribution to ROWC (Return on Working Capital). Nothing stands still and Credit is no exception; technology today drives change and the way in which many of us deliver no longer requires the manual effort of yesteryear. Automation and software developments, wireless devices and now cloud computing will transform many aspects of core credit management services and delivery. Credit must offer a business a sound competitive advantage and simple measures of DSO and % bad debt, while still relevant, are no longer singularly sufficient to justify the return on capital employed.

Credit must expand its reach and hone its attributes to deliver tangible return in business development and growth with viable incremental sales directly attributable to this function. It needs to support and indeed drive marketing initiatives that push levels of customer service to new highs and improve the operational efficiency of companies through dashboard creation and review. Credit has the enviable position of touching almost all parts of a business and frequently holds a client relationship from the cradle to the grave. This touch and knowledge needs to now be effectively used to raise the delivery level beyond that currently recognised. Our role is to assist your business and credit function in achieving this.

Our expertise is borne out of over 35 years experience in Credit Management and having witnessed considerable change in both methods and delivery. The pace of change accelerated considerably since the turn of the millennium. Our approach and range of services provided are effectively driven by events and successful practices employed over years which frequently led to tacit Industry sector recommendations and award winning styles of delivery.

Our primary aim therefore is to provide your business, your clients and your markets with a quality credit service designed to create, stimulate, expand, secure and support business opportunity and profit.

  • Collections and Billing
  • Business and client risk
  • Portfolio Management
  • Credit Insurance and the use of Brokers
  • Credit Policy base and operational
  • Asset Security
  • Fraud Avoidance
  • Client Visits
  • Business development
  • Database optimization
  • Dispute Management and use of dashboards to improve business efficiency
  • New Account processing and the use of business reporting agencies and scorecards
  • Risk Management
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About Us

credit managementEP Credit Management & Consultancy Ltd was incorporated in October 2010 by Edward Pacey, an acknowledged Credit specialist with over 35 years experience in three varying industry sectors with Rank Audio Visual (Film & Entertainment), B Elliot Plc (Engineering & Manufacturing) and latterly with Bell Microproducts Ltd (Information Technology) where he held the role if Director Credit Services EMEA.

In his early formative years during the late seventies and early eighties he was a prime mover in the creation of credit forums and raised the profile of credit management substantially in each of the subsequent positions , internally and externally and in the wider credit community. He has presented widely and frequently at various credit conferences hosted by specialist publications such as Credit Today and CCR World, the Finance and Discounters Association, various Insolvency Practitioners, Credit Forums and a host of industry related bodies. These have recently included Computer Reseller News, Channel Focus and the TCA (now merged with Comptia).
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risk management

risk management

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